Stay Healthy and Get A Prenatal Facial

During pregnancy, it is important for women to take time out from their busy schedule and indulge themselves in a relaxing prenatal facial or massage . Some women develop acne due to pregnancy hormones and decide to visit a spa for an acne facial to help clear up their skin. It is a great idea for women to enjoy a relaxing day at the spa, but pregnant women need to consider how the skin care and beauty products they use can affect their unborn child. During a facial treatment, chemicals from skin products soak into the skin and end up in the bloodstream. Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide are two chemicals that pregnant women should avoid. The chemicals are often used in acne treatment products that are used during facials.

Safe Facials for Pregnant Women

Products that contain alpha hydroxyl acids such as glycolic acid are effective in the treatment of acne and are a safe choice for pregnant women. Some women assume that organic products are a safe choice, but certain natural ingredients such as soy are not recommended for women during pregnancy. Many facials are safe for pregnant women. Those who are worried about harsh chemicals should skip the acne facials and choose a relaxing moisturizing facial instead. While visiting the spa, women should also have a wonderful pregnancy massage. An amazing  pregnancy massage will leave expectant mothers feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, which is beneficial for both mother and child.