Sometimes A Deep Tissue Massage Needs A Little Help

Sometimes when you have knots a regular deep tissue massage. while effective, just is not enough to get the job done. That’s when the G5 Therassist is needed. If you’re thinking that using a machine is not a real massage, you’re in for a very big surprise. Using the G5 combined with the hands of an experienced massage therapist is very satisfying experience.

Some reasons we might include the G5 in your massage session are:

-Relief of muscle pains and spasms in muscle contusions, sprains and strainsG5
-To provide passive excercise to paralzed muscles.
-To aid in mobilizing edema fluid in swollen extremities.
-To increase local circulation.
-To warm muscles: increased circulation brings more warm blood flow to the tissues.
-To aid in the prevention of muscle fatigue and stiffness in heavily exercised muscles.
-To aid in breaking down adhesions between superficial and deep tissues, as in scars.
-To loosen bronchial secretions during postural drainage procedures.
-To aid in maintaining joint mobility and reduction of periscrapular adhesions and joint edema.
-To aid in reducing trigger points.
-To aid in maintaining muscle tone and circulation in hemispheric.

This machine is used in conjunction with deep tissue massage