Massage Your Pains Away – Back Pain Relief

Massage has many proven benefits including back pain relief, relaxation, and stress relief. For those suffering from chronic back pain, the relief which massage provides is life changing. Whether by weekly spa trips or daily back rubs from the spouse, regular massages can help to manage back pain.

Causes of Back Pain

Back pain plagues many people as a result of poor posture. Those who work in office jobs tend to hunch or slouch at their desks. This can cause the muscles to contract abnormally. Back pain can also commonly be attributed to pregnancy. Even in the first trimester, some women experience sore backs. As the pregnancy progresses, pain can become worse due to the heavy belly dragging on a woman’s back muscles.

Managing Discomfort

One of the best methods for how to relieve back pain is massage. There are a number of tools that one can use in performing a pain relieving massage.

• Hands- Clearly an obvious choice, hands are easy to control for pinpointed treatment of affected areas. Use of thumbs for deep penetrating precision can relieve pain, while balled fists work well for broader aches.

• Tennis balls- A tennis ball can work wonders on an aching back. Using a tennis ball also relieves the volunteer’s hands which may be aching themselves after frequent massages. On a pregnant woman’s lower back, a tennis ball rolled out and then around from the spine will provide the perfect relief.

• Massage chairs and cushions- These tools work wonderfully for frequent use, especially for those who cannot recruit someone to do the job for free.

Massage is a powerful way to relieve back pain. It can relax muscles providing relief that lasts for several hours to several days. Improving posture and sleeping on a better mattress can also aid in lessening back discomfort. Massage can be an effective part of your pain relief regimen.

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