Lomi – Lomi Massage

Ancient art of lomi lomi practiced by Hawaiian Shaman or “kahuna” in the temples of Hawaii is now available in Las Vegas 

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Who Is Lomi Lomi for?

LOMI LOMI massage is not for people who are timid or have strong ego issues (anything that is a fear, anger or anti-love responses or behavior towards others or one’s self). Lomi Lomi is ideal for those who are working on becoming whole and interconnected; or who want to live till they’re old and become reborn in the new; or if you are on the spiritual path.

What You Can Expect From Lomi Lomi Massage

LOMI LOMI Massage is different. The therapist’s body gives strength to the forearms which are used to give the massage. The hands merely embrace and flow with the arms from one end of the body to the other. The therapist sets up a healing energy space and an intention of healing and visualizes the recipient as healthy and whole, and light replacing all areas of darkness in the entire being. A profound effect can occur. It can integrate all parts of the being back together. However, this is the most effective if one has an open and receptive attitude.  It opens energy centers, awakens the light body and awakens new ways of seeing the world. It has been observed to offer the opportunity to profound personal transformation.

HAWAIIAN TEMPLE BODYWORK,  Ke Ala Hoku, or Lomi Lomi Nui  (the great massage)  it’s primary purpose has been to enlighten the being in the physical body an ancient and distinctive form of Lomi Lomi  practiced by the Hawaiian Shaman or “kahuna” in the temples of Hawaii as a sacred rite of passage: “Die to the old, be born to the new.”It has been passed down by shamanic teachers committed to sharing their knowledge of this sacred tradition.

LOMI LOMI is a healing art practiced by the native Hawaiians. There are many unique forms of this art.  The intent of this massage is not to be just a physical rub down, it is to integrate the whole being – the body, mind (left and right brain), emotions and spirit. However the ability for Lomi Lomi to do so, is dependent upon your openness to receive spiritual healing and integration. If you approach this massage with openness and an attitude of reverence and holiness, the results will be more powerful – more balancing and healing – more holistic. All you have to do is lie down and close your eyes, breathe, and enjoy.

Lomi Lomi means “to knead”, “to massage” or “to weave”. Weaving light, weaving love,, weaving spirt, weaving consciousness into the unconscious,