What Is Deep Tissue Massage

If you have sore aching muscles, deep tissue massage therapy is a great way to get relief and alleviate your pain.

What Is Deep Tissue Massage Therapy? 

Designed to manipulate and relax muscles at a deep level, this type of massage is designed to work on the muscles below the top layer of muscle and the connective tissue between them known as fascia. Deep tissue massage therapy is often recommended to people who are in chronic pain or those who are extremely active like athletes or people who have sustained injuries. Deep tissue massage varies greatly depending on what injury or muscles need to be targeted and from therapist to therapist. If you think you can benefit from deep tissue massage therapy, ask around for references to find a therapist who is knowledgeable in deep tissue massage.

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Deep tissue massage is different from deep pressure massage. Deep tissue massage therapy is designed to work on the muscles at a deep level while deep pressure massage is designed to treat the client with sustained, deep pressure. Deep tissue massage treats injuries and pain at a muscular-skeletal level and utilizes a specific set of strokes and techniques to help give the client relief. Deep tissue massage can help massage therapists target specific areas of pain and work at a deep level to offer relief, relaxation of tense, sore muscles and provides a natural course of treatment and pain management.  

For people experiencing chronic, sustained pain from injuries, activities or health problems, deep tissue massage therapy can be a real solution in treating underlying muscular and fascia issues. For deep down sore muscles, deep tissue massage is the best and most natural way to alleviate your pain and get you back to feeling like yourself again. Once you have experienced a deep tissue massage, you will understand why it is the treatment of choice for many who struggle with chronic pain.

I found this cool video on Youtube to help you understand how deep tissue massage is different than the normal Swedish massage you might be familiar with.