Deep Tissue Massage

Platinum Massage: Las Vegas Deep Tissue Massage

Muscles Tight? We’re in Las Vegas and we do Deep Tissue Massage at your location.

Sometime you have to get down deep in the muscle tissue to get at the problem. This is deep tissue massage and it’s all about breaking up the mass to get some relief from the pain.deep-tissue

Don’t let the size of the therapist fool you. An experienced massage therapist can get as deep as you can take.  Lisa practiced on a football team when she was training and didn’t have any complaints.  So, always look for experience over price. On that note, I know that price is a huge decision factor and that’s why along with experience you’ll like the price. Lisa has a big heart and because of this you can get a great Deep Tissue massage for a great price.

Many have asked the question: “Will deep tissue hurt”?

That is a legitimate question and should be one of your concerns. The answer is in experience in Deep Tissue massage. Make sure you use a therapist with plenty of experience.  And stay in communication with your therapist, let her know when it hurts so she can adjust.

If you’re a first timer you might want to think about starting with Swedish Massage



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