Cupping Massage Is Not Scary


a cup used in cupping massage therapy

It’s always a little scary to try something new and cupping massage is one of those new things many people are afraid to try. It’s really not new, it’s been around for many years in China. It seems like Chine is the place where most things get their start. Guess it could be that civilization in China has been going on for thousands of years.

We here at Platinum Massage are offering cupping massage and want to let you know that there is really nothing to be afraid of. I found this article about the first time cupping experince. I thought it might help if you’re on the edge about trying cupping massage

Chinese cupping therapy: We tried it and it really wasn’t as scary as we thought – Metro Sat, 27 Feb 2016 13:52:21 GMT

MetroChinese cupping therapy: We tried it and it really wasn’t as scary as we thoughtMetroChinese cupping therapy has been around for YEARS, but it’s recently been getting loads of attention online. Why? Because celebrities – from Lena Dunham to (mos …

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When you’re ready to give cupping massage a try make you come to Platinum Massage. We are trained in the art of cupping therapy and will make you sure your session is the best possible.

We are a mobile company and will bring the spa to your location whether at home or if you’re visiting we’ll come to you hotel.  Call Lisa at 702.510.4503 for a great massage

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